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Why don't you download the demo and test it yourself? To cut the download time, some components present in the CD-version has been excluded, for example, parts of the music.

News: Service Release 2007 (SR2007) includes more music, speach and visual effects. It also includes a larger demo map than previous demo version.

SR2007 supports Windows Vista. The MINI Release is without music and speach.

Download and run the program below to install Oriantica:.

Oriantica Demo SR2007 (16 MB)

Oriantica Demo SR2007 MINI (5 MB, without music and speach)

Please look en the page about system requirements. If your computer is too slow to run Oriantica, you can instead visit the WinOL-pages. WinOL is an older orienteering game that can be run in virtually any PC that is used today. The complete version of WinOL is included on the Oriantica CD.

You can also read the Oriantica User's guide (PDF, 290 kb)

If you are using Windows 98, ME or Windows 2000 you need to download and install DirectX from Microsoft.

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