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Adjusting the Time of a Finish or Start Unit

Uppdaterad: 2024-04-06

It is possible to adjust the times for individual start and finish units, e.g. in case of programming errors.
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To identify the unit, the unit&[Unknown function 039;s]programmed code is used. Therefore, be sure to program all start and finish units with different codes; otherwise they are indistinguishable.
On sidan Controls, the units used in the competition appear (when a card readout is done or radio punch is received). Select the unit and enter a time adjustment in the format +/-MM:SS. It is applied to all current and future times from that unit. You can change the time adjustment at any time, or remove it, if necessary.
If you enable support for tenths of seconds when programming the devices, the device&[Unknown function 039;s]code will not be saved to the card. (extended times are saved instead). Therefore, this function cannot be used in that case.

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