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MeOS – an Introduction

Organize Trainings and Competitions

You use MeOS to organize orienteering events, trainings and competitions. The program handles entries, drawing start lists, courses, forking, relays, patrol competitions, timing, results, speaker views, economy and many other things.

Different Ways of Using MeOS

MeOS can be used for very simple events, without any preparation at all, or for huge events in a network with many MeOS computers.

With No Preparations

You can use MeOS for very simple Events: plug in you SI master into your computer, start MeOS, and create a new competition. Go to the SportIdent page, click Automatic Search and Start. Classes and courses are automatically created as the runners read out their card (courses are taken from the SI-cards, but of course they can be edited if needed). MeOS remembers who ran with which card to the next race, so that you don't have to type all names each time. After the race you can easily print or publish results on the Internet.

With Preparations

If you wish to have drawn start lists, or if there are more than about 30 runners, we suggest that you enter the runners and define classes and courses in advance. MeOS will import common data format for entries, and is equipped with a powerful free text import. For example the following free text can be imported:

Bob Fisher, 43244, H21, IFK Lidingö
Eric Favrè, 44244, H40, IF Thor

OK Renen, D35
Hanna Hunter, 34242
Maja Forsell, 34245

Another advantage of preparing the event, is that you get access to functions such as the speaker view and the runners-in-forest list.

More Than One Computer

For a larger Event, more than one computer is needed. Then you activate MeOS network support. The event data is stored in a MySQL database.

Individual Races, Relays and Patrol Competitions

MeOS supports individual races, relays, individual relays, patrol classes, as well as other types of races. MeOS also supports roganing including rogaining mixed with classical orienteering.