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Note: Text covers an earlier version.

Register Entries

Updated: 2017-03-24

On Names

MeOS has one single field for the competitor&[Unknown function 039;s]name. Depending on the character of the competition, you may enter a complete name, just the given name or even a nickname. You may enter complete names on the form

"Given Family [Family 2]" (Alice Smith Norman),

or separated by comma

"Family [Family 2], Given [Given 2]", (Smith Norman, Alice Joanna).

The latter way is needed in cases where more than one given name is used. Note that the formatting of lists can be affected by very long names; if this becomes a problem you will have to make names shorter by using initials or other adjustments.
MeOS Insight
In the built-in lists, MeOS shows all names on the form "Given Family" regardless of how you input the names. You can manually format lists in other ways, see Editing Lists.
When importing entry data from an external source, MeOS will use the comma separated from. If you prefer to always see and work with names on that format, you can set the user preference NameMode to 1, see Local Settings.

Structured Import

Importing entry data is the preferable method to register entries. MeOS supports a number of standardized formats, such as OE2003 CSV or IOF-XML (version 3.0 or 2.0.3). Any class or club present is automatically added, and MeOS uses the club database to fill in club details. Select Entries under Import Data on the page Competition.
If your file only includes club numbers, a matching club database must be installed for a correct result.

Free import

If you don&[Unknown function 039;t]have access to entry data in a standardized format, MeOS supports free formatting. Select Free Entry Import on the page Competition. You can now fill in name, club, class, card number and optionally start time, in any order you like. If possible, separate fields with a comma or semicolon. Also, try to add several entries at the same time formatted in the same way. An example of data than can be imported is:

John Plumber, Bushmen OC, Men Short, 800605
George Wood, IF Thor, Men Long, 390101
Steve Clark, Forest Vagabonds, Men Long, 37371

The formatting is indeed free: another example of importable data is

IF Thor
Johan Svensson, Long, 800605
Sven Johansson, Short, 37371
Johanna Andersson, Long, 390101

The select Preview and verify the MeOS has interpreted the free text in an appropriate way. Finally, select Save Entries. If MeOS has difficulties to interpret the data you entered, you can try to reformat the free text. The following suggestions might help:
MeOS Insight
If the club database and/or runner database are installed, MeOS will automatically match runners and clubs against it. MeOS will use the database to automatically fill in details about the competitors and clubs.

Manuel Registration

On the page Competitors you can register new competitors. Click New Competitor, and fill in relevant data. This method is not so practical when there are many people to register. It also assumes that the classes exist, since the page is only available if there are classes.

Entry Data from Excel and Other Spreadsheet Programs

If you have entry data in a table in some spreadsheet program, you can use Table Mode on the page Competitors to paste entries. Also in this case you must create classes in advance.


If your country has a central entry system compatible with Eventor, you can use MeOS direct link Eventor Connection, to quickly fetch and configure a competition.

Quick Entry

Quick entry is a simplified entry form. First, you must create the classes and make sure to check Allow quick entry. Access the quick entry form on the page SportIdent. Select Quick entry mode from the list of functions. If you connect a SI-unit, it is possible to read out a card number, and if the competitions database is updated, runners will be identified automatically.

It is possible to print out start certificates for each new entry. Check Start Certificate and make appropriate Printer Settings. You can specify extra lines of text that will print on each start certificate. (You can also print the certificate on the page Competitors).

Runner Database

You can use Runner Database to register entries. Select Runner Database on the page Competition and then Persons. The table shows all runners in the database. Double click + in the column Enter and choose a suitable class. Click Enter.
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