From this page, you can download WinOL Shareware.

Remember that WinOL Shareware is for evaluation only. If you use the program, you must register it.

Please observe that the ordering information included in these files are out of date, and should not be used. Instead refer to the order page.

Download WinOL Shareware now (2400 kb) (15 min with 28.8 modem)

winol_en.exe (2421 kb), Sweden

You can also download WinOL Shareware reduced version (1335 kb, 8 min with 28.8 modem) This is a reduced version without sound effects - good for slow connections. The Self-Extracting Exe can easily be copied to a diskette and given to a friend without access to the Internet.

winol_em.exe (1352 kb), Sweden


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