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Note: Text covers an earlier version.

Basic Principles

Updated: 2012-11-15

A list is built from four parts. In each part there is a number of rows, and each row contains a number of list entries. Each list entry has a type, for example Class name, Team's bib or Competitor's time.

When the list is generated, every list entry is replaced with the corresponding text. The list properties defines global settings for the list, what it lists and how it is sorted.


Startlist - course

2018-01-11 22:15:38 av Henrik Poulsen

I my setup multiple classes is running same course. In the draw classes are drawn together and therefore mixed on the list.
I want to check the startlist ie. is runners form same club seperated and more...
If i change the standard startlist from Classname to CourseName it's ok but how do i get the start time sorted properly?

Start list by course

2018-01-13 20:40:08 av Erik Melin

You would need sorting by course, start time, which is not yet implemented. It seems a good idea. I will add such a list.

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