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Download MeOS

MeOS is free to use, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions, see the license agreement for details. The software is provided without any guarantee.

We recommend that you register yourself as a user of MeOS. You will get a newsletter a few times per year with updates on development status and new versions.

System requirements

MeOS runs on any Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computer. On SportIdent's German web site there are 64-bit drivers for USB master station. The latest MeOS version supports SI cards up to and including Card 11, and SIAC.

MeOS is under development

See this page for information on news in each release of MeOS.

MeOS versions to download

If there is a club/runner registry in IOF-XML format for your country, you are encouraged to install it prior to using MeOS.

Version 3.5.860

MeOSV35.exe2018-04-17, 15MbSHA1:DA37A9C969B5D7B8DC42270FECA5E07B90EE1257

Download and run the installer. Competitions created in earlier version av MeOS will be kept.

If you wish to access the same competition form several computers simultaneously, you need a computer running MySQL server. MySQL is a free database server, based on open source. MySQL was originally developed by MySQL AB, based in Uppsala, Sweden (same place where MeOS lives), but were later bought by Sun Microsystems, Inc, which in turn was bought by Oracle.

MySQL downloads

Source code

MeOS source code is found here: github
Use Visual Studio 2015 to build MeOS 3.5 and later.

Version 3.5.843 RC2

MeOSV35rc2.exe2018-03-25, 15MbSHA1:42913D63D6EACFA35EDE5F6722A79E46E57AD0D8

Source code

MeOS source code is found here: github
Use Visual Studio 2015 to build MeOS 3.5 and later.

Version 3.4.782 Update 2

MeOSV34U2.exe2017-08-27, 4339kbSHA1:89E84CA2DD2105D7AF900F8EF5505ABEDF5F4977

Version 3.4.728 Update 1

MeOSV34U1.exe2017-04-22, 4334kbSHA1:46F024617CD058261AC790B536B72A1316F83897

Source code

MeOS is written in C++ and compiles with Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.

Version 3.4.717

MeOSV34.exe2017-03-25, 4333kbSHA1:DB8B4F35F02CB56AFCCADF2A14EB6F76DE3196FD

Source code

Version 3.3A.645

MeOSV33A.exe2016-09-17, 4217kbSHA1:19D72C2CDD6175A230B921D9B9C9FB8F3F329B8E

Source code

Version 3.3.609 Update 3

MeOSV33U3.exe2016-07-19, 4217kbSHA1:6FFE263EA8D9D6094F67A3CC91C764761C6A0C6E

Source code

Version 3.3.605 Update 2

MeOSV33U2.exe2016-07-02, 4212kbSHA1:959D1765A1AE78328D1FFEF1762494CC6FE1AF87

Source code

Version 3.3.591 Update 1

MeOSV33U1.exe2016-04-23, 4215kbSHA1:A9D33116CC1B831DCBC85C1D45BB4F65E36EDC4F

Source code

Version 3.3.579

MeOSV33.exe2016-03-07, 4211kbSHA1:FBEB33CDCCD259AFFF0BB0F5CAD96EB6C4A7C30C

Source code

Version 3.2.491 Update 1a

MeOSV32U1a.exe2015-06-11, 4094kbSHA1:3849EE9223303EA6D2FECA8EA7CD8595EA2197F3

Version 3.2.481

MeOSV32.exe2015-04-26, 4094kbSHA1:7A868A81590622AECBBC2DC23CFDFEFD8BCDBA19

Source code

Version 3.1.405 Update 3

MeOSV31U3.exe2014-08-03, 3900kbSHA1:FCAD769414CB873398FAFB82B9352BEC726355E8

Source code

Version 3.1.391 Update 2

MeOSV31U2.exe2014-05-13, 3900kbSHA1:2799AFB209A3EA9B114929ECC3C06C707CE32331

Source code

Version 3.1.361 (3.1 Beta 2)

MeOSV31beta2.exe2014-02-22, 3900kbSHA1:D0BD0AB946158406B49399CF74A65D5609140444

Source code

Version 3.1.316 (3.1 Beta 1)

MeOSV31beta1.exe2013-07-04, 3500kbSHA1:2D1B1456853B9D741FF37C8F9B0683D986D91121

Source code

Version 3.0.311 (3.0)

MeOSV30.exe2013-01-08, 3500kbSHA1:1BBDB5632D8743C359AA7240859F25FF8C7E94F3

Source code

Version 2.5.217 (2.5)

MeOSV25.exe2011-05-28, 3200kb

Source code

Version 2.0.141 (2.0)

MeOSV2.exe2010-06-29, 3300kb

Source code

Version 1.0.98 (1.0)

meos_win32_1.0.98.zip2009-08-29, 1800kb

Source code